Chestnut Street Baptist Church

Ignition - Youth Group

1. Mission Statement:  

                 A positive place for youth to know and be known while getting to know and be known by Jesus Christ. 

                 2.  What We Do:

           * Sundays- 9 AM Sunday School, 6-8th grades together and 9-12th grades together, pray to start and then split up

                 * Wednesdays, 7 PM- all 6th-12th graders welcome!, college student staff, converse, games, opening question, media…, Bible discussion, application, prayer

             * Monthly- Every other month is a service-oriented event called a Blaze Mission.  The off months are just for fun things!

* Yearly- Spring Conference the last weekend of April, Centrifuge in July, Grad send-off at the end of the school year, Promotion Sunday in the summer

Text Box: Blaze Mission , FISH Food Bank

Centrifuge 2015

Text Box: Centrifuge Youth Camp 2016

Building houses with Helping Hands Int. in Mexico