Pastor’s Messages - audio

Chestnut Street Baptist Church

Receiving the Book of Books


1-7-2018                 AM           The Word of Truth: “Inspiration”  2 Timothy 3:14-17


1-14-2018               AM           Established in the Truth: Inspiration, 2  2 Peter 1:12-21


1-28-2018               AM           The Father Bears Witness to the Son  John 5:31-47


2-18-2018               AM           Lost and Found.  Luke 15


2-25-2018               AM           “The Rest of the Story: The Presence of the Future


3-4-2018                 AM           “The Three-level Story of God


3-11-2018                AM           “The Book of Many Books, 1”

Series/Single Messages 2018

1-21-2018                AM           Caring for Bruised Reeds  Isaiah 42:1-7  Sanctity of Human Life Sunday