Pastor’s Messages - audio

Chestnut Street Baptist Church

Special Series/ Services 2014

The Word of Truth “Inspiration”

01/12/2014          AM “God Has Spoken! (So let’s listen)” 2 Timothy 3:14-17

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

01/19/2014          AM “Springing the Trap without Losing a Leg” John 4:1 ff

                                  PM “Capital Punishment: Is It Ever Necessary?” Genesis 9:6

The Lord’s Supper Celebration

02/02/2014         PM “The Background and Meaning of a Sacred Ceremony”

Challenges to Religious Freedom

03/30/2014         AM “One Nation Under God: Be Warned, You Rulers…”

A Meditation for the Cross of Christ

04/06/2014         AM “I Am the Good Shepherd” John 10:1ff

Palm Sunday

04/13/2014          AM “I Am the Light of the World” John 8:12

Resurrection Sunday

04/20/2014         AM “This Is What We Believe” 1 Cor. 15:1-11

Mother’s Day

05/11/2014           AM “What I learned from my Mother”

08/18/2013          AM “From my Heart to Yours” Romans12: 1-8

The Priestly Role of the Church in Society

07/06/2014         AM #1 “The Priestly Role of the Church in Society, I” 1 Peter 2:9-12

                                  PM #2 “The Priestly Role of the Church in Society, II” 1 Peter 2:9-12

50th Anniversary Celebration

10/26/14               AM “A Growing Church”

Community Thanksgiving Service

11/23/14                PM “Give Thanks”

The Grand Miracle

11/30/14                AM “Fulfilling God’s Chosen Purpose” Luke 1:26-28

12/7/14                   AM “What Jesus Birth has Shown to Us” Luke 1:46-55

12/7/14                   PM ”How Jesus’ Coming Has Renewed our Place”

12/14/14                AM “Announcing the Coming of the Messiah” Luke 1: 57-80

12/21/14                AM “The Paradox of Christmas” Luke 2:1-20

12/21/14                PM “Are We Hearing the Message of Christmas?” Hebrew 1:1-4

12/28/14               AM “Early Confirmation of Jesus’ Person and Work” Luke 2:21-40

12/28/14               PM “The Emergence of Spiritual Priority” Luke 2:41-52

01/04/15               PM “ Announcing Jesus Christ in Contemporary Culture”  Luke 3:1-20