Marital Preparation

The FOCCUS© Inventory is designed to help engaged couples appreciate their unique relationship, learn more about themselves, and discuss topics important to their lifelong marriage.

Couples respond to the inventory independently, on a computer or on paper, to indicate their level of agreement, disagreement, or indecision about statements related to issues such as Communication, Problem-Solving, Religion, Dual Careers, Cohabitation, Parenting, Sexuality, Finances and more.

A Couple Report provides the FOCCUS Facilitator a personalized profile of topics and areas warranting time and attention, affirmation and/or problem solving by the couple. Couple Report and helps guide the couple's discussion.



We have signed the Kittitas County Marital Agreement, Renewed June, 2013

Based on the teachings of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, and in keeping with historic Christian confessions of faith, We believe…

1. That God designed the marital relationship to be between one man and one woman for as long as both are alive. (Malachi 2: 14-16; Matthew 19:4-5)

2. That God designed marriage to be an exclusive covenant relationship between the man, the woman and God. (Genesis 2:18-24; Matthew 19:6)

3. That God intends the marital relationship to be led by His Spirit so that it illustrates the love between Christ and His Church. (Ephesians 5:15-33)

4. That the churches and church leaders have the responsibility to provide premarital preparation and ongoing support to married couples. (Matthew 28:18-20; Titus 2)

5. That the wedding ceremony should give glory to God and affirm the positive  values of a Christian marriage as designed by God. ( Romans 15:5-6; Genesis 2:24)

Therefore, we agree to …

1. Urge unmarried people to reserve sexual intimacy for marriage. (1 Thessalonians 4:3-4)

2. Require couples who ask us to perform weddings to participate in premarital counseling. This will include the following:

                                  * Teaching Biblical concepts regarding  marriage,

                                  *Discussing the practical application of these Biblical principles to the marital relationship,

                                  *Meeting with the engaged couple as many times as necessary to accomplish these goals,

                                  *Using resources, such as inventories, as needed to accomplish these goals.

3. Encourage attendance at marital enrichment opportunities such as retreats, classes and seminars.

4. Provide ministry to married couples throughout the marriage.

5. Seek to equip mature couples who will serve as mentors for couples who are engaged, newly married or struggling in their relationship.

6. Encourage each other as Christian leaders to promote, by teaching and example, a strong and godly approach to marriage.

7. Communicate and cooperate with other churches and organizations that share a common desire to establish and strengthen Christian marriage  as designed by God.

Chestnut Street Baptist Church

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