COVID 19 Response, March 31, 2020

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Things have not changed much from last week, but here are some updates:

  1. We are suspending all meetings of the church in our facilities and in LIFE Groups through April 8. Our offices will be closed until after April 8.
  2. We are continuing to offer live-streaming access to our worship services, which will occur at 10:15 a.m. on Sunday (see the link at our website, This experience will be scaled down from our inaugural event on March 22, since we are prohibited from doing much of anything in gathering through April 8.
  3. We are having the Lord’s Supper together on Sunday, April 5, during the 10:15 live-streaming worship service. Please prepare at home with grape juice and crackers, to take the elements together
  4. For those without Internet access, we are hoping to keep in contact through mail and telephone. We are checking these daily, even though the offices are closed right now.
  5. We are mailing out my message script for the coming Sunday’s live-streamed worship service to all who request it. Those without Internet access can at least take some time on Sunday to read this and think about its application to our lives. If you have been participating in the Adult Bible Study groups, you might also spend some time doing the Bible study in your quarterly. If you need a quarterly sent to you, please contact us via email or phone to request this.
  6. As some have asked, here is the financial picture: if you are committed to this local church, we appreciate your continuing financial support through this trying time. Obviously, the bills keep coming in, even when we have a temporary hiatus in our meeting schedule. The staff is working overtime to provide encouragement and information so that we can stay connected to our Lord and to each other. Pray for us! We are praying for you. You can give your offering by check through the mail or by going to our website ( and clicking on the “Give” link at the top right of the Home page. And thank you very much!
  7. I am posting a short word of encouragement every day on both my own and the church’s Facebook pages: “Got a Minute?” The Youth Group is having Ignition through Zoom every Wednesday evening.

I remind you again that God is with us, as always. We can trust in Him and rely on Him to see us through. We are still planning to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and trust Him for everything else! (See Matthew 6:33-34).

God bless,

Pastor Frank